Tuesday, February 2, 2016

3 Strikes You’re OUT!

Much to my dismay, I will not be racing Rocky Raccoon 100 this year. In the past three weeks I have had insult to injury. It all started with a fall on the ice. I didn’t think much of it at the time, just had a bruised and swollen left knee and some other bumps and bruises. I continued training and without realizing it I was overcompensating for my knee. My patella had swelling around it causing my patella tendon to track wrong, and I was using my hamstrings and glutes more. This ended up causing me to strain my left hamstring. I did cross training for a few days and was happily back to running. No big deal, right…WRONG!

Once I was back to running, little did I know that I overcompensating again. This time my left gastroc-soleus was being over used. I continued to run even when it became very sore. I put a heel cup in my shoe to unload the Achilles (which did alleviate the pain). I kept training again only to have it become more painful with each run and soon during daily activities. I decided to take a few easy and rest days to see if I could get it better. This was just last week.

Then I came down with the flu. It knocked me out. I was drained. I tried to think of it as a forced taper for Rocky. I was starting to feel a little better over the weekend, but still couldn’t shake off the fatigue and congestion. Then on Monday I woke up to a left very painful cankle. My Achilles had inflamed with pitting edema around the malleolus. My heart sunk as I knew there was no way I was going to be healthy enough to run let alone race Rocky.

I had been looking forward to this race since last year, and now I will have to bow out. I understand the importance of health and being healthy at the start line. I had a good discussion with my Coach Jason Koop, and we both agreed that we will focus on me getting healthy and ready for the bigger goals ahead. So, even though I am really sad and down, I must remember that this too shall pass. Just like an ultra, you have to ‘Keep Moving Forward’. Keep positive and know that there is always a reason for everything. I will keep the faith and follow the path that is before me.

Happy Trails and I wish the best to those racing Rocky! I will be there in spirit!

~Pixie Ninja

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  1. Darn, just caught up on your injuries! Heal up soon from Everything (with a capital E!).