Friday, January 1, 2016

Embracing a new year - Welcome 2016

Happy New Year to all of my family and friends. May your new year be better than the ones before. I resort to make mine better. The first step is by staying optimistic and positive throughout life and in every situation. It goes to show how positivity feeds on positivity. I have found that when I surround myself by like minded people, that it brings about a good aura in my life. I feel like too many times we let that negativity we feel downward spiral into a black hole. We all know how hard it is to get out of those situations. So my challenge to myself and to you, are to keep out of that hole by staying positive and finding the good things in what life brings us. I am a firm believer that 'everything happens for a reason'. We may not know why those things happen at the time, but we will after further reflection. It is what we do in those situations that make us who we are. So why not find the good and let go of the bad?!

I am not a huge believer in New Year's Resolutions, but I have resolved in making a few.

1. I plan to blog at least once a month - I have slacked really bad last year, and I want to change that.

2. I plan to be more helpful in the community by volunteering and offering any assistance to those in need.

3. I plan to smile more, laugh more, and find the positive things in life each day.

4. I will never ever believe in taking anything for granted. I will remember to be grateful for the gifts I am given in life.

5. I will Praise God each day for the life I have been given and glorify his name.

I am looking forward to what 2016 has to offer. I am excited for new adventures, friendships, and memories. I hope to see you on the trails!

Happy New Year! Let's start it off on the right foot (or left-whichever you lead with!) ;-)

~Pixie Ninja